Products & Services

Diagnostic Equipment and Medical Devices

HealthPro Systems works in focused areas of medical diagnostics to provide the highest levels of clinical excellence. Our product range widely covers metal, allergies, TB, and cancer detection systems; rapid tests; and diagnostic kits.

Infection Control Products and Services

HealthPro Systems manufactures and supplies a wide range of infection control products for critical areas including operating theaters and ICUs and semi-critical areas such as wards.

Allergy control and prevention

HealthPro Systems’ end-to-end solutions  remove the allergens, prevent them from entering the indoor environment, and control the overall indoor air

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Allergy control through allergy proofing services

An organized procedure helps eliminate allergy-causing agents from any indoor space and drastically improve indoor air quality.

  • The process starts with a quick walkthrough of the indoor space and assessment of the indoor air quality.
  • The allergy expert then assesses the type of solution the space requires and discusses the solution with the client
  • The indoor space is then completely sanitized by specifically focusing on the primary allergens – dust, dust mite, pet dander, mold, unpleasant odor, bacteria, and other common culprits
  • At the end of the allergy proofing procedure, the air quality is again assessed and a final indoor air quality report is submitted to the client

The next step to a clean indoor space with a healthy air quality is to equip the space with products that prevent reentry of these agents.

Allergy prevention through products

Multiple products successfully remove common allergens from indoor atmosphere to retain the desired indoor air quality. These include

  • Germicidal lamps
  • UV lights
  • Air ionizer
  • Air filter
  • Carbon filters
  • Surface shields
  • Dust mite–resistant covers

An ideal combination of these products ensures a sterile environment comparable to even operation theaters!