About Us

HealthPro Systems is an organization dedicated to building a healthier population by leveraging the best of technological innovations for healthcare advancements.
We are currently working in three domains of healthcare:


  1. Allergy-related diagnostics, prevention and therapy
  2. Medical diagnostic equipment supply
  3. Research and development of products and solutions that enhance the quality of life


Allergy-related diagnostics, prevention and therapy

The allergy proofing division of HealthPro Systems focuses on developing solutions for eliminating the hazard of allergies from homes and other surroundings. Our mission is to cover the gray areas in the management and prevention of allergy, through a concerted effort towards eliminating allergies from indoor spaces – from allergy testing to allergy prevention. We are currently expanding our focus areas to include the development and manufacture of local (Indian) allergens and equipments to testing for allergies using ELISA and CLIA method.

Medical diagnostic equipment supply

The medical diagnostic equipment supply division’s mission is to provide cutting-edge medical diagnostics equipment, technologies, and products. We work within specific areas of medical diagnostics to deliver the highest levels of clinical excellence.

Research and Development

Our dedicated R&D team focuses all its efforts on building products and solutions from natural resources for superior care delivery.

This unwavering focus on healthcare excellence and the expertise of the specialists on HealthPro System’s leadership team are the biggest assets that bring healthcare closer to people through technology.